Republicans are just plain daft, part 2

One of the most prosaic lines in film history is in 1974’s Godfather II. When Vito Corleone (Robert DeNiro) is asked by Peter Clemenza (Bruno Kirby) if he checked out the package of oily guns Clemenza had left him as the NYPD was hauling Clemenza away, Corleone replies coolly that “I’m not interested in things that don’t concern me”.

At that point, we realize that the future Don was not a Republican.

Today’s GOPster clown cultist is obsessed with things that do not concern them. Embryos and fetuses germinating in women they’ve never met. Same sex couples marrying thousands of miles from them. The well-being of the same plutocracy that do not pay them the same mind back in the least.

Conversely, when it is things that do concern them–Gulf oil spills, rising seas, warrantless searches of emails and phone calls, endless wars—oddly indifferent.

When someone prioritizes the irrelevant over the important, what else can one say?

They’re fucking daft.