Slutwalk’s tomorrow! Whatcha not wearing?

It’s only a year old, but the international Slutwalk movement — born in Canada when a police officer affirmed that rape could be avoided if women could “avoid dressing like sluts” during a panel on crime prevention — has enraged the sexphobic, galvanized many feminists, and inspired thousands to yes, walk the streets. Tomorrow (Sat/8), the fun comes to Dolores Park.

Sick of the noise? Canadian organizers sure were — and their response to the officer’s comments led them to don fishnets, cake on the makeup, basically kit themselves out in whatever they were feeling that day, and take to the streets to show that women, and everyone else for that matter, should be able to wear anything they feel like without fear of being violated. 

The guest speakers at SF’s second Slut Walk tomorrow include Good Vibrations staff sexologist Carol Queen, queer activist Tommi Avicolli Mecca (who called out Pride on its lameness as a radical event this summer in the Guardian), and state assemblyperson Sally Leiber. You can catch the organized rally from 11am-noon, though there will be sluts all over Dolo from 9am-1pm. 


Sat/8 9am-1pm

Dolores Park

19th St. and Dolores, SF