Stand with Ross at a major rally Thursday noon at City Hall

Pub date August 15, 2012
SectionBruce Blog

The Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi forces put out a call to action Wednesday to mobilize their supporters for a show of force at a noon rally at City Hall on Thursday.

The rally is scheduled to be across Polk Street from the City Hall entrance because they fear that their opponents will be holding a rally on the City Hall steps with a sound system.

The possibility of dueling rallies comes as the Ethics Commission is set to hear closing arguments on Thursday in a fact-finding hearing in the Mirkarimi removal case.

Mirkarimi’s rally is the latest event in an accelerating grassroots effort by his supporters to put pressure on the Ethics Commission and the Board of Supervisors who will have the ultimate decision on whether Mirkarimi stays or goes as sheriff. 

I particularly like the statement of the National Lawyers Guild on Mirkarimi: