Saying goodbye to the Nuns singer Jennifer “Miro” Anderson

Pub date January 9, 2012

Jennifer “Miro” Anderson, former co-lead singer and keyboardist of one of SF’s first punk bands the Nuns, died in New York, December 16th, of complications from breast and liver cancer. She was 54.

A striking, statuesque blonde beauty, Ms. Miro began her interest in music as a devoted member of the David Bowie fan club. She joined the Nuns in the mid ’70s and co-authored some of their better known songs, including the punk classic “Suicide Child.” One of the city’s first punk bands, the Nuns became popular rapidly that they were selling out the Mabuhay Gardens on consecutive weekends and subsequently earned the opening slot on the Sex Pistols infamous “farewell” at Winterland.

The Nuns continued into the ’80s and Jennifer pursued a solo career as well. I met Jennifer in 1990 in LA, where she was giving acting a go and found her to be one of the funniest and wittiest people in the scene, endlessly bemused by all of the madness swirling around her. We continued to to see each other when she returned to Marin in the mid ’90s and one of my favorite memories of my own time in the Bay Area was spending the day with her at her place in Belvedere.

Later, she moved to New York and became a dominatrix and would occasionally do Nuns projects – oddly enough, her presence on the Net was somewhat below the radar and so I never did get a chance to say goodbye to her.

So, I do now. To one of the most uproarious companions I ever had, wherever you are now, keep them baffled, my love – you were a gifted, wonderful friend on those rare occasions when I could see you. And no – I don’t have those shiny leather trousers you loved so much; maybe when we see each other again, okay?

J Angel.