Election 2010: Loose crowd, few conclusions at the Labor-Dems party

SF Democratic Party chairperson Aaron Peskin made it to the Labor Council-Democratic Party soiree at the Great American Music Hall a little late. Of course, he didn’t miss much yet. Ask him how things are going tonight and he says “I’ll tell you on Friday.”

It’s a somewhat anti-climatic election night for followers of the tightly contested supervisoral races. Peskin told us he doubts that the close calls will be settled until later this week.

But the tardy tidings hardly seem to be stopping the party at GAMH. An abrasive little man who has unfortunately gotten his hands on a video camera shouts over the crowd at Peskin as he makes his way through the throngs. “You gonna pretend like you didn’t see me? You bitch!” Debra Walker, a candidate in the race for District 6, enters to a smattering of applause around 10:30 p.m. Drinks all around.