Election 2010: Just about final in SF

Pub date November 2, 2010
WriterTim Redmond
SectionPolitics Blog

We won’t know who the new supervisors are for several more days — and the near-final reslts show a much closer race in D 8 than  I thought a few minutes ago. Scott Wiener is still in the lead, but Rafael Mandelman is within 1,000 votes, and Rebecca Prozan in third has 3,500 votes. The Prozan votes would have to split overwhlemingly for Mandelman, but it’s possible.

But we do know this: Theresa Sparks, the candidate with the downtown and real-estate money, is not going to win in District 6. Steve Moss, who had all the big-money support, isn’t going to win either. (And he’s acting like a sorehead: His staff just kicked our reporter out of his party.) 

The School Board reace appears to have gone the way the Guardian recommended: Hydra Mendoza, Margaret Brodkin, and Kim-Shree Maufas look to be the top three.