Live Shots: Fast Love at Sub-Mission, 7/10/09

Text and photos by Ariel Soto



Fast Love, a punk/pop trio, may be new to the San Francisco music scene but they’re destined to be fast favorites. When they’re on stage they’re into every note, not only for the sake of the music but also because they’re having so much fun. This being my first time seeing them, I decided to chat with their drummer Kimberly and lead vocalist Melinda to learn more about the true punk band experience.



SFBG: What’s the best part of being in a punk band?
Kimberly and Melinda: The free beer!


SFBG: Who are your punk idols?
K: Dee Dee Ramone.
M: Fuzzy rocks the hot hairstyle.



SFBG: What are your goals as a band?
M: To party and have a good time.
K: It’s all about the good times and beer!