Live Shots: Yonder Mountain String Band at the Fillmore, 4/10

Pub date April 13, 2009

Text and photos by Ariel Soto




Yonder Mountain String Band has serious groupies. I mean really hardcore groupies. I talked to several String Band fans in the audience before the show. For one person it was his 36th time seeing Yonder Mountain and he has plans to follow the band through California and then up to Oregon for their tour. There was another woman in the audience who said she saw them at least 70 times … how is that even possible? By then I was excited for the show to get started — who were these string strummers? Once the band made its way to the stage the Fillmore was thoroughly saturated with sweet smelling smoke, feet were stomping, and hippy skirts were twirling as the folksy, bluegrass notes weaved their way between the band’s eager, dare I say, obsessed, devotees.