God’s Girls bare their souls (and more)

Juliette Tang continues her journey into the altporn world. Read her interview with Vivid-Alt’s Eon McKaye here .


God’s Girls is an altporn site that is like SuicideGirls except for the fact that it’s not SuicideGirls – and nor does God’s Girls mention “Suicide” anywhere in the title, which makes me like them more on default. Plus, they have Stoya, and they don’t lock their models into impossible contracts. Based in California, God’s Girls offers user-submitted DIY erotic photos and videos, plus a social networking community with user blogs, discussion boards, original writing, interviews and more. In our current installment of altporn interviews, the SFBG sat down with Annaliese Nielson, founder of God’s Girls, to learn more about the altporn, DIY erotica, and the GG way of things.

SFBG: First, what is the story behind your site?
AN: God’s Girls was an idea that i developed over the course of the summer of 2005. I knew a lot of hot girls who seemed to have no problem with nudity and I knew some amazing photographers, most notably Matthew Cooke, who I met during my own foray into modeling. And I had a generous friend who was willing to loan me the money to get everything going. It was just a very natural thing for me to get involved in. I saw myself surrounded by all of this fun and sexual openness and creativity and I knew it needed to be documented. I felt that I could do a better job than some of the people who have alt-erotica sites. I felt that I could be more fair to models, create better content and put together something that girls are proud to be a part of. It all came together relatively easily and after shooting content for a year (God’s Girls has always been about amazing content and lots of it– even when it was just a concept without a website yet) and the site launched in June of 06. This has truly been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I have met so many amazing girls and amazing members of my site.

SFBG: Can you describe how you get the content for God’s Girls? It’s all DIY, right?