Welcome to SEX SF!

Hey there, horny toad. It’s Marke B. from SFBG beckoning you hither into the Guardian‘s new SEX SF blog — our local-focussed, sex-positive, Internetical adventure into the land of wanton lust (and education!). Feel the luxurious sheen of its fishnets on your eyeballs.

We felt there was a mighty big gap in the SF blogosphere, and wanted to fill it with something intelligent, playful, Bay-minded, omnisexual, curious, scandalous, irreverent, and respectful of the extreme diversity of the local sex scene. Oh, and lots of fun. This is our “soft launch,” our birds and bees beta, our test-icle if you will. (Look, it’s late and I’m short on comic material. Throw a hot tomato at me.) Join us each day as our sensual endeavor grows and grows — but don’t forget your safety gear, you little devil.

If you have any suggestions or tips, email here. Now, let’s get it on, and pardon our excited glitches.

Photo of monthly wet jock contest at The Rod by Darwin Bell