Wheatpaste for peace: SF Peace Billboards Project launches

Pub date June 2, 2008
WriterMarke B.
SectionSF Blog

Photos and text by Ariel Soto

About 100 art lovers gathered at the University of San Francisco (USF) on Memorial Day, May 26, to participate in a bus tour around the city to see 10 billboards by 10 artists from around the world that showcase their visions of what peace looks like, as part of the San Francisco Peace Billboards Project. The tour was headed by USF visual art professor Richard Kamler who first conceived the idea for the billboard project after wondering, in his words, “Why confine these images to the walls of a museum when we can take them to the community and have a significant impact?” The billboards will continue to be on display until June 22nd throughout San Francisco.

Peace billboard by Israeli artist Uzi Broshi at 22nd Ave and Irving

Peace billboard by Japanese artist Betty Nobue Kano at Masonic Ave. and Fulton

Artist Betty Nobue Kano

Iranian artist Taraneh Hemami (left) with USF visual art profesor Richard Kamler

Peace billboard by Iranian artist Taraneh Hemam at Divisadero Street and Hayes Street

Peace billboard by Tibetan artist Jamyoung Singye at Mission Street and 6th Street

Artist Jamyoung Singye