Scanner: In Touch with Henry Rollins

By Johnny Ray Huston

Welcome to Scanner, my occasional foray into bringing archival goodies and contemporary obscurities into the digital realm. What better way to kick things off than with a gay porn magazine’s lengthy interview with Henry Rollins, back when he was a prime slab of pre-‘roidal rough trade beefcake. In 1984, In Touch magazine got in touch, verbally at least, with the punk paragon. The magazine’s Jim Yousling doesn’t spell Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn’s name correctly, but he gets Rollins to speak relatively freely about raw letters from admirers of both sexes. The raw Q&A even includes a touching heart-to-heart phone convo between Rollins and dear ‘ol Mom. The same issue also boasts “The Sexiest Men in Rock, Part 2,” a lengthy spread with naked pics of the then-obscure Red Hot Chili Peppers, some strange choices (Huey Lewis?!), and a nod to Judas Priest that calls them “a crotch-watcher’s dream band” before concluding, “If only we could print the rumors.”