Clubs: Acieeed on Sfire

Gurl, I was brought to. The inimitable DJ Jeffrey Sfire from NYC (2 cute!)


blasted classic Bam Bam acid house track “Give It To Me” from 1988 at Sunday’s Honey Soundsystem Dancer From the Dance party at 103 Harriet — underneath 1015 Folsom, and the new party hotspot — and the roof burnt down. Yes, I’m ancient/legendary enough to have been there when this was originally tearing up the floors (at London’s Second Summer of Love, no less), but the kids went wild last weekend as well. Time for another acid revival? (DJs Derek B and Silence Fiction tried this a few years back with their Jack the Club night in 2005, and it was awesome, bring it back). No real vid, but song below:

Sfire, who also specializes in gritty Italo Disco and slinky rare Euro tracks, will be on local-hottie DJ Josh Cheon‘s West ADD Slave to the Rhythm show tonite 9pm-11pm, and then live tonite at Booty Call, an actually pretty great party at Bar on Castro (I know, gag, but go! Juanita More hosts!)

PS Rumor has it Sfire will also be making many guest appearances throughout the weekend at select Portland underground venues …