Three years 364 days and counting

Three years 364 days and counting
By Sarah Phelan
Alix Rosenthal’s election night party at the 500 Club was feisty, even if She Who Would Usurp Dufty In District 8 didn’t win. This time around.
The fun started when Rosenthal arrived, to chants of “Al-Ix! Al-Ix!”. Then someone shouted, “Alix for Governor!” and the crowd went wild.
“We’ve got three years and 364 days to go,” said Rosenthal, radiant in a pretty pink suit.
“We started late in this race against an incumbent who had the support of the entire establishment. We did amazingly well. And I’m sticking around. It’s in my blood. I’ll be running again in four years, so I’ll be watching Bevan Dufty and all his moves.”
And we’ll be watching to see if Board of Supes Chair Aaron Peskin makes good on his promise to take Rosenthal to the best restaurant in the city, if she won 35 percent of the vote, even though she clocked in at 30.57 percent. This time around.