Pub date July 26, 2006

JUlY 30


“Saxophonists Who Play Other Things”

Any jazz cat worth their salt knows that music’s most cerebrally unbuckled moments tend to emerge from sheer heady improvisation. Acknowledging this, 21 Grand will play host to a “new sound” multi-instrumentalist session prominently featuring saxophonist Jason Robinson, as part of the Bay Area’s annual Edgetone Music Summit. The premise is that all 10 of the musicians, including Ralph Carney and David Slusser, are saxophonists and can skronk their saxes in a variety of ensembles. (Michael Harkin)

8 p.m.
21 Grand
416 25th St., Oakl.
(510) 444-7263


“Jonathon Keats: The First Intergalactic Art Exposition”

A conceptualist worth his weight in ideas, another art world P.T. Barnum, or both? Jonathon Keats has copyrighted his mind and auctioned off futures contracts on the neurons in his brain. Now Keats claims that a radio signal detected by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico is delivering deep-space artwork. Putting together what he bills as the world’s first collection of extraterrestrial abstract art, Keats will discuss art, collaboration, and Jewish culture with fellow artist Vitaly Komar at the opening. (Johnny Ray Huston)

Discussion, 2 p.m.
Through Jan. 14, 2007
Judah L. Magnes Museum
2911 Russell, Berk
$4-$6 museum admission; $12 discussion
(510) 549-6950