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Visual Art

State of the art

As art fairs boom and galleries struggle, is there hope for artists (and the art geeks who love them)?

All reflected

Street artist Apex's new show — and departure from the Mid-Market area — is a sign of the times

GOLDIES 2012: Brett Amory

A painter who finds inspiration in local disconnect and temporal space

An icon’s icons

SFMOMA's new Jasper Johns retrospective explicates and transmutes

Don’t blink

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Barry McGee, skywriting, burning rubber, giant birds, Jasper Johns, and other visual arts highlights for fall

Cheeseburger wolfpack

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Gaze into the maw of A.J. Fosik's beasties if you dare

Lens flair

Cindy Sherman's performative portraits visit SFMOMA

Off the walls

Strategies of performance animate art — and site — in SFMOMA's 'Stage Presence'

Street sense

'Streetopia' thinks positively about the latest tech boom

The heart in art

Artists express their desire for harmony in 'Shalom/Salaam'

Cartoonist confidential

A new exhibit honors the work of Ghost World author Daniel Clowes

Utopia, mon amour

Arthur Tress, Bucky Fuller, and Harry Hay exhibits offer engagement and transcendence

Sea, here

GREEN ISSUE: A conversation with underwater explorer and photographer David Hall, author of Beneath Cold Seas

Cooking without borders

Collaborative cuisine blossoms between the Bay Area and Japan at OPENharvest

Agrarian visions

"Land/Use" exhibit examines pastoral lives through a contemporary lens

This old house

"3020 Laguna Street in Exitum" transforms a doomed Cow Hollow domicile into nine site-specific artworks

Abstract truth

Navigating an art movement — and a local gallery's history — in "Surrealism: New Worlds"

Wall played

Art Basel take two: Street art in Wynwood, it's complicated

What recession?

Art Basel Miami, take one: Buzz outflashed protest at this year's beachside art fair


YEAR IN VISUAL ART: Can the various democratizations of 2011 art trickle up?

Dead horses and fool’s gold

Ventriloquism, alchemy: Ray Beldner at Catharine Clark and Leslie Shows at Haines

Bling and the kingdom

"Maharaja" at the Asian Art Museum and "The Matter Within" at YBCA focus on India's past and present

GOLDIES 2011: Tammy Rae Carland

Offering photographic retorts to hoary stereotypes

GOLDIES 2011: Ana Teresa Fernandez

A glossy realism that foregrounds physicality and sensuality