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Visual Art

Goldie winner — Lifetime Achievement: Creative Growth

Deep inside the hearts and minds of Bay Area art

Goldie winner — Visual art: Colter Jacobsen

Seeing double in a poetic memory tunnel

Goldie winner — Visual art: Michael Arcega

Where the ha-ha morphs into aha

“Stylized Sculpture: Contemporary Japanese Fashion from the Kyoto Costume Institute”

Ravishing, ingenious frocks prove fashion is art

Boxing day

A trio of views on three of Cornell's many-splendored cubes

“You Should Stop Editing”

Ditching the posturing for intricate intensity

“American Dirge”

Ryan Coffey's mystic '60s

How soon is now?

At SF Camerawork, your monitor is the light that never goes out

Slow art movement

Olafur Eliasson makes reduced speed sexy

“Rembrandt to Thiebaud: A Decade of Collecting Works on Paper”

Constant plasticity comes to the fore

Close up

Filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami crafts moving stills

Code unknown

"Dark Matters: Artists See the Impossible" pictures black ops, hidden cops, and shadow streams of puzzling information

Black and white and color

Shots seen round the Bay Area and beyond by 10 sharp-eyed photographers

Vanishing points

Hiroshi Sugimoto turns a refined eye on dead queens and silver screens

Double trouble

Alice Shaw and Kelli Connell get down with the looking glass

Flaming creators

Hot shots of a dozen-plus-one LGBT artists bringing wild fire to the Bay Area

Speed thrills

The surface seductions of Martin Munkácsi

Mission: school

Alicia McCarthy turns her studies into art

Mighty morphin’ power ranger

Christian Maychack's mutating pieces challenge the boundaries of time, space, physics

Prints charming

In a new SoMa location, Electric Works is building the Land of Yes

Love machine

Peering under the hood of Charles Sheeler's magnificent mechanical obsession

No hidin’ SECA

Searching for thematic threads at the biennial exhibition

Scruff trade

Berkeley Art Museum's marvelous Bruce Nauman show locates inspirations in the hood

Fresh hedonism and sound artifacts

Bill Owens and Christian Patterson shoot for skin, sin, and salvation