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Visual Art

“Drama and Desire: Japanese Painting from the Floating World 1690-1850”

An exhilarating survey of early modern Japan and its sumptuous -- and often costly -- pleasures

“From San Francisco to Silicon Valley”

Many viewers may recognize the city as they know it: construction, do-not-enter road signs, and a distant skyline

Lee Friedlander’s lively American necrologies

A personal obsession with travel in "Friedlander"

The Bewitching Mary Blair Project

Disney's right hand shines in "The Art and Flair of Mary Blair"

“Low Life Slow Life: Part One”

A self-curated portrait of the artist Paul McCarthy as a young man told with a few of his favorite things

Double talk

Give-and-take with Gilbert and George

Bent empire

Gilbert and George crap out rainbow wonders

“Lautrec in Leather: Chuck Arnett and the San Francisco Scene”

Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll are unapologetically front and center

“Enter the Center”

Ribbons Productions expands beyond direct collaboration

“Pablo Guardiola”

Photographs that prove deceptive yet captivating

Home is where the art is

A quick Q&A with Margaret Tedesco of [2nd floor projects]

Kuchar coup

George and Mike Kuchar's drawings and paintings tickle pleasure centers

Video Mutants: Guiding light

Soaps-loving video artist Kalup Linzy will set you free

Video Mutants: The man with the video camera

Douglas Gordon hits San Francisco with an image blitz

J-pop sucker punch

With brand names and bright colors, "MURAKAMI" gets you in the gut

Staying power

In 2007, Bay Area arts were in constant flux

Canadian astronaut

Jeff Wall's hyperreal photos at SFMOMA launch the mundane into the stratosphere

Graf legend

SPIE remembers DREAM and the golden age of SF street art

Up against the wall

Amid controversy, HOMEY brings together a Mission neighborhood with its latest mural

The reel world

Takeshi Murata at Ratio 3

Dark sparkle

Jamie Vasta's art glitters


Ray Potes pays homage to the history of film-based photography