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Revisiting the works of Eurotrash's most determined auteur

Symptom of the universe

Damon Packard on 'Foxfur' and the end of the world

Poppin’ off

August is a big month for the Werepad-Vortex Room diaspora -- we're talking classic porn and Pop-art anniversaries

TV gone wild

A Vortex Room tribute examines William Shatner's dark side

Higher and higher

SF Sketchfest wrings wet, hot laughs out of winter

It’s good to be bad

The Bad Seed legacy gets multi-generational with 1995's Mommy 

New DVDs, old sleaze

Looking back on the greatest hits of cinematic ultra violence

Three is the so-so number

Resistance 3 

Stark raving mod

Talking to video purveyor Modcinema about bringing rareties -- hippie boondoggles and all -- back to the screen

A gutsy legacy

Filmmakers don't get more violently influential than Herschell Gordon Lewis

TV party

It could happen: 1972 TV movie The Man, playing at the Vortex Room, imagines -- gasp -- a black president

Into the Vortex, part one

The Vortex Room screens rare reels at Thursday film cult nights

Portal 2

A video game's second installment leaves its cult credibility unscathed

Power and shared wealth

PG&E's far-reaching influence even links it to San Bruno explosion investigators

Land of the undead

Bite me: bloodsuckers menace what's left of the human race in Stake Land

A long time ago, in a galaxy not far away

Tom Wyrsch's Back to Space-Con blasts off to 1970s sci-fi conventions

Acid-washed terror

Blood Junkie reviews the source material of teen horror

Fernando Di Leo, glorious bastard

Europudding casts, past-prime Hollywood actors, and a verve that influenced Tarrantino in Fernando Di Leo: The Italian Crime Collection

King of the spook house

Jose Mojica Marins' infamous Brazilian cult horror films gain new life

Naughty girls (need love too)

1969's The Sins of Madame Bovary unleashed a wave of exploitation flicks -- and Algerian-born bombshell Edwige Fenech

Valley of the (killer) dolls

Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky ... Jennifer Tilly revisits throwing up in her purse for the "When Chucky Meets Peaches Christ" spectacular

Gorgeous George

"By, For, and About George Kuchar" celebrates the beloved, rascally filmmaker

Here, kitty kitty

Lost in temptation: "Love Kittens" offers four slices of vintage cheesecake

Dark end of the street

Roxie's restored re-release showcase of On the Bowery drags its besodden subjects into the light