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The love below

Investigating untidy matters of the heart

If the “Shrew” fits

Cutting Ball Theater dresses Shakespeare in San Francisco drag

What comes around

In The Cycle Plays, Theatre of Yugen looks to uncover a spirit in every tone

“Bella” epic

Anna Bella Eema is engaging and magical

Tongues and tales

Under the Bed and Artemisia go for baroque


Democracy in Berkeley, according to Citizen Josh

Muse of fire

David Gordon puts a Bush-era spin on Shakespeare's Henry V

Serious games

Powerful First Person Shooter is uncomfortably timely

May day

History runs up against a wall in America Tropical

Meeting acute

Gore Vidal lands an interview with Timothy McVeigh in Edmund White's Terre Haute

Still evolving

Boxcar Theatre learns to adapt with Vonnegut

Home run

"After the War" lucidly strikes home

“Good German,” bad German

A new play is provocative; a classic's latest guise is not

“Rust” never sleeps

The Magic's annual Hot House fest yields a discovery

Pillow talk

Storytelling makes for gripping theater in Martin McDonagh's The Pillowman

WOW now

Molissa Fenley highlights the second program of a growing festival

Goldies Theatre winner Last Planet Theatre

Offensive. Repugnant. Sick. Few theater directors enjoy hearing these words from patrons, especially as they're bolting up the aisle ahead of the first-act curtain. Then again, for some there's a certain satisfaction in knowing...

Close encounters

The always in-search-of Erica Shuch sends her talents into Orbit

Burritos of the gods

Michael Showalter discusses humor, metahumor, sushi, and, er, metasushi

Weill-ing away the hours

A Happy End - and a Rude Boy worth investigating

Hotel California

Z marks the present moment in Culture Clash's excellent Zorro in Hell