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Unfinished business

UK and SF groups partner on performance-making

Independence movement

Oakland's SALTA collective plans to be 'always looking for a space'

What’s hot in Siberia

'Hamlet, 'Hey, Slavs!' and other high points along the trail of a Russian theater excursion

Power plays

Theatre Rhinoceros presents the Bay Area premiere of Caryl Churchill's 'Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?'

Addressing the unspeakable

'Pageantry' highlights the reality between the lines

The action of bodies in heat

Passion meets intellect in Tom Stoppard's past-and-present tale 'Arcadia'

Tour of duty

Black Watch shows, tells about young men drawn to war

Take it all off

Brava Theater introduces banned Pakistani political satire 'Burqavaganza' to an American audience

River phoenix

Campo Santo resurrects its own in Richard Montoya's 'The River'

Good grief

Julie Marie Myatt recasts 1970s nostalgia for our own bleak times in 'The Happy Ones'

Fallacis and fallacies

Lawrence Wright's new play falls flat at Berkeley Rep


George F. Walker's caustic comedy 'Dead Metaphor' brings it all back home

Angels in Budapest

Hungary's premier stage offers a striking revival of Tony Kushner's groundbreaking play

Sort of and last

The Wooster Group and New York City Players make a long overdue Bay Area appearance

Missing person

'Se Llama Cristina' offers a sentimental story beneath a gritty exterior

Festival of festivals

Some highlights from New York's APAP-pourri

London diary

Cruising to the end of story, and Forced Entertainment's 'The Coming Storm'

GOLDIES 2012: Anna Ishida

A a chameleon-like quality and versatile vocals that make her so compelling to watch on stage.

Intimate company

Cutting Ball's Ghost Sonata stalks the stage as the opening gambit of its Strindberg Cycle

Dog eat dog

Times change (but maybe not so much) in beautifully staged, Pulitzer-winning 'Topdog/Underdog'

Pi in the sky, fig leaf optional

The annual San Francisco Fringe Festival embraces humanity again

More than ink

Mission gangs and tattoos are the stuff of a dynamic experiment in theater activism, as Paul S. Flores' Placas moves from page to stage

Howdy, strangers

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: UK-based Action Hero collaborates with local artists on 'Stranger in a Strange Land' — plus more upcoming theater

Celebrity rehab

'Project: Lohan' takes a second look at LiLo and finds a portrait of the times