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Toronto International Film Festival: Consider this

September 12, 2006
Michelle Devereaux is in Toronto. Here's her first report: “I’m hearing Oscar buzz!” a giddy audience member shouted after the second public TIFF screening of...

Toronto International Film Festival: Four score

September 11, 2006
Day five. Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz in Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain. Photo courtesy Warner Bros. Pictures.

Toronto International Film Festival: “If you kiss me, I’ll pop you in the fuckin’ balls.”

September 10, 2006
Believe the hype: Borat rules. It has a release date of November 3. I suggest you mark it on your calendar ... you will...

Toronto International Film Festival: The docs are in

September 9, 2006
Image of Yoko Ono and John Lennon, as seen in The U.S. vs. John Lennon, courtesy AP/WIDE WORLD PHOTOS.

Toronto International Film Festival: Quick weather report

September 9, 2006
It's raining in Toronto ... and New York City, setting for the weep-tastic Bollywood epic Never Say Goodbye, where no emotionally-charged moment passes without...

Toronto International Film Festival: Bright lights, and the heart of theater darkness

September 8, 2006
Author and critic B. Ruby Rich (who programmed TIFF's 2002 runaway hit and award winner Whale Rider) checks in with her first report from...

Toronto International Film Festival: “Revenge is good for business!”

September 8, 2006
Day two. Why can't every morning for the rest of my life begin with a Johnnie To movie?

Toronto International Film Festival: You want monsters with that?

September 7, 2006
Something wicked this way comes: Gang-du (Song Kang-ho) in The Host. Copyright Magnolia Pictures.

Event horizon: cinemania

September 6, 2006
Attention, film geeks: the Guardian's Toronto International Film Festival desk is up and running and frantically trying to patchwork together a schedule that crams...

Mother Ninja, RIP

September 6, 2006
wow -- a lot of death on the blog this week. On Saturday, one of my favorite people in the world passed on from...

Crikey, it’s over

September 4, 2006
I can't lie. I was bummed -- if not 100 percent totally shocked -- to hear the news about Steve Irwin. Yeah, there was...

The Wow of Joao: A talk with Two Drifters director Joao Pedro Rodrigues

“People are crazy here, no?," director Joao Pedro Rodrigues half-asks over the phone from LA, where he’s making a brief visit to promote Two...


August 30, 2006
It's another brief club weekend update, courtesy of your eternal Guardian club whore Marke B. I don't know if you're saving your wad for...

Fashion Week for the fierce, pt. II: Being Marke B.

August 29, 2006
Fab intern Justin Juul picked up the Fashion Week/Fisher Spooner pieces for me this past weekend. Here's what he had to say. The press people...

Fashion Week for the fierce, pt I: Yao-za!

August 28, 2006
Fab intern K. Tighe went to Thursday's Fashion Week emerging designers extravaganza, here's the take: What to wear? The big question. When I decided to...

Doggie do

August 25, 2006
Bring your favorite pooch (even if he regularly snacks on your US Weekly -- dude, a tooth mark right through Jennifer Aniston's face!) to...

Television: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems

August 23, 2006
Holy crap, dude. I think my eyeballs are bleeding. For the full selection of Dancing with the Stars contestants, including Tucker Carlson (sans bowtie --...

Crawling for a cause

August 21, 2006
So bar crawls for me are usually literally that -- I've worn out the knees on so many jumpsuits dragging my ass amongst watering...

“That’s GOOD news? Snakes on crack?”

August 18, 2006
On the occasion of the first San Francisco screening of the most ridiculously hyped movie of 2006 (and, quite possibly, of all time --...

Club kids make good

August 17, 2006
... club sandwiches. BUT formerly local club kids Justin Bond and Kenny Mellman -- aka KIKI and HERB -- have really made good. They're...

The slither king: the complete interview

August 15, 2006
This is not a story about the feverish hype swirling around Snakes on a Plane. It’s not a review of the film, because Snakes...

May the “Force” be with you?

August 15, 2006
Somewhere between our best intentions (to rent The Constant Gardener, no less) and the new-release wall at Lost Weekend, we plunged into the vortex...