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War at the remote

Artifice comes in many forms

A real dialogue on trans issues

Intolerant film "The Gendercator" brought out the best in community response

A food bill for San Francisco

With leadership from supervisors, a progressive bill could be a model for America's food future

Downtown’s sneaky parking plan

A measure would prohibit programs to make the city's mean streets safer for all of us

Criminals of poverty

No amount of punishment will ever succeed in lifting people out of poverty

Why we’re with Mark Leno

Leno personifies the direction, tone, and future of the progressive movement

Why I’m with Carole Migden

Leno-Migden Senate challenge distracts from mayoral race

SF, the next generation

If the children are our future, what happens if they can't afford to live here?

Ellis Act crisis

Will Leland Yee help stop evictions?

Bury the Geary

The case for a new subway line

This November, let’s fix Muni

Early in the Gavin Newsom administration, Muni service quickly began to deteriorate

The Martin Luther King you don’t see on TV

After civil rights achievements, calling for an end to war

Stand up for immigrants, Mr. Newsom

It's time for the mayor to once again stand up for justice

While McCain Walks in McNamara’s Footsteps

The senator’s “very cautious optimism” is in fact a ghastly reprisal

Will Newsom have a legacy?

Ramming it through until the election

Don’t fight the new media

A new organization agitates for journalists' rights

Abolish PG&E Corp.

The creation of Pacific Gas and Electric Corp. constitutes a legal money-laundering strategy.

Law enforcement’s real battles

Precious resources should be focused on addressing violence, gun crime, and major white-collar crime

The guns have won

The toll of Bush's Iraq war on health care

Where’s the beef on LGBT issues?

After same-sex marriage, Gavin's buns are empty

Make housing, not war!

Creating a breeding ground for terror