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East Bay Beats

A new Oakland music festival aims to bring art downtown. Plus: If you still believe in college radio, KUSF still needs you

Mozart meets Method Man

Ensemble Mik Nawooj marries classical music with classic hip-hop — and enjoys the ruffled feathers

The Milkman delivers

CAREERS + ED ISSUE: How one guitarist's passion became a means of San Francisco survival

Sweet, psyched-out, and dirty

Oakland's violin-wielding Everyone Is Dirty on the band's first full-length. Plus: Wicked Mercies and The She's

Wigging out with Stephen Malkmus

Post-Pavement reunion and adventures abroad, the indie icon talks Beyoncé, Portland fishbowl syndrome, and embracing his classic-rock upbringing

Stayin’ put

Don't let SXSW-fueled FOMO get to you — there's plenty going on right in our own backyard

Freedom of Choice

With a musical love letter to his rapidly changing hometown, Oakland's favorite sideman takes center stage

The magic of Mark J. Mulcahy

The man behind the soundtrack to your childhood brings his newest — and best — solo work to Noise Pop

Pixies 2.0

The alt-rock forefathers forge ahead with new material — and without Kim Deal

A very Indy decade

Plus: The West Coast re-emergence of Aa, local label love at the B.A.R.F.

The return of Pyno Man

Plus: 1-2-3-4 Go! Records needs help; A Million Billion Dying Suns get heavy at the Knockout

Young at heart

The Magik*Magik orchestra gets nostalgic for childhood at the ripe old age of 5

Rockin’ New Year’s Eve

Let 2013 all hang out at these musical blasts

Meat is murder

BOOKS ISSUE: Morrissey's long and juicy story, D.H. Peligro's 'Dreadnaught,' and more musical books (and live music, too) 

War of the roses

Rhys Chatham's piece for 100 guitars, Tricycle Records comp release, more Melt-Banana

Years Latyr(x)

Bay underground hip-hop luminaries Lyrics Born and Lateef team up again for futuristic new LP

Alive, not well

La Luz, Six Week Records, Crashfaster, and more

High fidelity rockers

At look at your local musician-record store employees


After 15 years, Aquarius Records co-owner Andee Connors revives classic math rock band A Minor Forest

Cover me bad

The art of the Halloween tribute band tradition


Garage rock pioneers the Sonics return on a wave of Total Trash

In the year of worms

Grass Widow's Hannah Lew offers Cold Beat tales of 'death, paranoia, and science fiction'

Kids in America

French Cassettes unspool sunny tales of "Gold Youth." Plus: Danish Renaissance woman Oh Land and new books by East Bay punk goofballs Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits

Bye bye irony

Har Mar Superstar grows up, Fuzz releases its debut, Fuck Buttons returns to form