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Been there, done that

Reading between the beats of Rollin' with Dre

CC Riders

Scott MacDonald traces Canyon Cinema's decades-long zigzag

You’ll go blind doing that

Solitary Vice wants you to put the book down and go play


Speed Reading, American Photo Booth, and Tempest Tales

You’ll go blind doing that

Solitary Vice wants you to put the book down and go play

After the ruins

SF's pasts and futures -- and Chris Carlsson's Nowtopia

Speed Reading

The Death of the Critic and Headless Body in Topless Bar

Outlaw representation

Richard Bruce Nugent's Gentleman Jigger sprawls forward


A spree-killer's attack on the magazine rack

Karaoke revolution

The world won't listen -- but it will sing, thanks to the younger Phil Collins

Where’s Otto?

Alex Cox repossesses the graphic novel with Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday

Big book, tiny topic

Some eccentric notes on a favorite tactic of the publishing industry

One ear to the ground

Yousef Al-Mohaimeed's storytelling transcends bans

Ghost writer

Roberto Bolaño travels from the grave to the future with Nazi Literature

Years of Lead

Autonomia revisits Italy post-'68

To be, or to be autonauts

Julio Cortázar and Carol Dunlop parody the travel book and reinvent the road story

Speed Reading

Complete Minimal Poems by Adam Saroyan and Comin' at Ya! The Homoerotic 3-D Photographs of Denny Denfield

Speed reading

Xiu Xiu and Celine Dion: together at last, under the rubric of music books

Your cassette pet

Rob Sheffield writes the book of mixtape love

Bound for better

Slingshot organizes your life with joyful chaos

Thrower’s flames

The video nasties of Nightmare USA still apply

Pinball Machine

Toni Mirosevich trucks through unrestricted territory

“Hello-Now, From Everywhere”

Drawings and text by Veronica De Jesus

Initials B.B.

Bill Berkson's Sudden Address bridges poetry, painting, and passionate love