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Foxy lady

Victor Pelevin serves up a sexual odyssey starring russian super werewolves


Rock stars who write books, too -- smarter than rock stars who Twitter?

The Monster

WRITERS ISSUE: An excerpt from El Monstruo

Word alive

WRITERS ISSUE: Selections from fresh young voices

Fine quintet

WRITERS ISSUE: Four provocative haiku and a tanka

Bon Voyage!

WRITERS ISSUE: An excerpt from Joshua Mohr's upcoming novel Termite Parade

Bay writes

WRITERS ISSUE: The winners of our first LIT123 contest

Higher ground

Solnit's latest explores the utopic possibilities glimpsed in disaster

Creamin’ for comics

THE SEX ISSUE: Get your pencils out for the best graphic porn

Unbuckling the swashbuckler

A new bio shines a light on what Douglas Fairbanks left behind

See monsters

It's a Big Machine, it's a mean machine, it's a big, mean story by Victor LaValle

‘The Adderall Diaries’

A dose from San Francisco author Stephen Elliott's memoir of moods, masochism, and murder

Made in USA

THE DRUG ISSUE: Under the overpass, Righteous Dopefiend finds a different kind of San Francisco drug story

This land is ‘Methland’

THE DRUG ISSUE: A new book tracks a drug through America's cracks and faultlines

The elephant in the shroom

THE DRUG ISSUE: It's time to start being realistic about magic mushrooms

Drunk on words

THE DRUG ISSUE: 12 hallucinogenic novels and 8 inebriated memory pieces


William I. Robinson's latest outlines a mad rush toward a world where cars consume cereal

Zine it like you mean it

Goteblüd is a treasure trove of DIY publishing

Paging all freaks

THE QUEER ISSUE: Queer print fetishists still have reasons to browse

A distant memory

In Attica Locke's Black Water Rising, the surprises extend beyond suspense

Dystopian enterprise

Richard North Patterson on Eclipse and the legacy of Ken Saro-Wiwa

Total ‘Eclipse’

Richard North Patterson takes on the Nigerian and Western petrolords

Born to be wildly visionary

AFRO-SURREAL: Of black tomorrows, yesterday, today, and antiquity

Devil’s poetry

AFRO-SURREAL: Bob Kaufman's California duende blues