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Green City: Climate change could spark more wildfires

› news@sfbg.com GREEN CITY Imagine a future in which hundreds of thousands of people in the more arid parts of the country flee wildfires. Imagine...

Presidio gets a Starbucks

Farewell, Perk Presidio -- the bane of local beaneries is moving in.

Green City: Early puberty’s toxic causes and effects

New report links chemicals to problematic early development

Green City: Solar solutions

Working to make solar panels more affordable in San Francisco

Green City: The bay-delta connection

Scientists predict that rising sea levels and levee failures could have profound consequences for both ecosystems

Are high-rises green?

High-rises use energy in ways that single-family homes don't

Green City: Saving people and the planet

Widespread attention for Oakland's Green Jobs Corps

Green City: PG&E’s two faces

Seeking to water down environmental standards

Green City: Little prefab boxes

Is this really the next wave of eco-housing?

Green City: Burning contradictions

Burning Man's green theme flopped -- but not for lack of good intentions. Plus: Reactions to the Gonzo burner's premature inflammation

Carbon-neutral madness

The trouble with carbon offsets

Green City: Slow climate change U-turn

What we can do to reduce the city's greenhouse emissions

Green City: People versus death monsters

The danger of the Panhandle/Golden Gate intersection

How is that gratitude?

Cafe Gratitude just wants unbleached linens; instead, they've got a lawsuit