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Feed our elders well

"Good foods are not the privilege of people who have money"

Sun protection failures

A new report casts a bad light on popular sunscreens

Clean Energy Act makes ballot

It isn't the only charter amendment on the November ballot, but it's already shaping up to be the political lightning rod of this fall's election

Opening the corridor

San Francisco is a dangerous town for butterflies

Red ink stains green rhetoric

A state report encourages increased use of mass transit, but the governor's budget proposal denies the public transportation fund more than $1 billion. Plus: Transit Funding 101

Man with a plan

Winning Our Energy Independence: An Energy Insider Shows How

Free solar power?

A new solar incentive program might make the conversion to green power almost free

Newsom’s power play

"Have they been concerned about what's clean, about our people?"

Growing up

Increased density comes with transit and quality of life costs

Greening away poverty

If green is the new black, eco-populism is the new environmentalism

PETA vs. Gore

Meat: The inconvenient omission

The 100-yard diet

"Chickens fill an important spot in the cycle of a sustainable backyard"

Ditching the paper cup

The Green Cafe Network goes beyond fair trade

Discounts that do good

› news@sfbg.com GREEN CITY Coupon books don't tend to be of much use to green-minded consumers or businesses. They're usually just chock full of special...

Muni’s makeover

Officials found residents citywide were most concerned with reliability in the system

Building green in SF

The city considers rival plans to implement mandatory green design standards for new residential and commercial buildings

Money grows on trees

Although the state could save $13.3 million if several parks close, the governor hasn't calculated the loss in business tax revenue

Climate change teach-in

Green pathways out of poverty was just one topic discussed

From fryers to fuel

SFGreasecycle hits the restaurant circuit

Life of the party

Ralph Nader crashes the Green Party Convention

Money for parks

Just how big an impact can Prop A's $185 million make?

Solar man

Can Burning Man leave a legacy of renewable energy?