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Shoot to thrill

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Gamer stops, drops, and rolls into fall's fiery pit of video-game releases

Same time next year

Sussing out the hits and misses of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo

Bullet blender

Rockstar Games' grizzled hero takes aim in Max Payne 3.

Beyond the glitz at the Game Developer’s Conference

This is not a game: Cutting edge technology and top video gaming honors doled out right here in San Francisco

Viva la Vita

Quick and slick, the Playstation Vita is tech geek heaven

The bottom of the top

YEAR IN GAMER 2011: It's only when you approach the bottom half of a video game critic's top 10 that the real debate begins

The new (open) world order

YEAR IN GAMER 2011: Red Dead Redemption dominated, but Elder Scrolls vs. Skyrim dazzled and Mineshaft's open world was wondrous

Ezio come, Ezio go

Assassinate your way through this technically brilliant tale of 16th century Istanbul 

Combat fatigue

Battlefield 3 offers an immersive multiplayer war experience. Shame about the story mission, though.

Three is the so-so number

Resistance 3 

Sequel smackdown

FALL ARTS PREVIEW: Eagerly, and maybe not so eagerly, awaited upcoming video game releases

The joy of joysticks

South Town Arcade is easy to miss -- but once within its "candy cabs" you may never leave

Gamer road trip: E3 report!

Hyped at E3, first-person shooterBioShock Infinite will be released in 2012.

Facing the right way

LA Noir impresses with expressions

Pulp gaming

Notoriously pop-culture obsessed Rocksar Games uses a cinematic style to please noir aficionados

Portal 2

A video game's second installment leaves its cult credibility unscathed

Fantastic fantasy

Dragon Age II is as elaborately polished and stage-managed as its predecessor was rough-hewn and idiosyncratic

…And gaming for all

The Game Developers Conference in San Francisco provided plenty of hype -- and even a little controversy.

Dreadfully fun

Turn out the lights, turn up the sound, and enter Dead Space 2.

Game over(load)

YEAR IN VIDEO GAMES, TAKE TWO: Games have gotten better -- and there are many, many more of them.

Admit it, you’re addicted to Angry Birds

YEAR IN VIDEO GAMES, TAKE ONE: Forget Hollywood, this was the year that tiny screens held our attention

Shoot ’em up

Cold War globe-hopping from Cuba to Russia, Laos, and Vietnam in Call of Duty: Black Ops

No brains required

Postmodern, sure -- but no complex moral exercise: the point of Dead Rising 2 is to kill a lot of zombies

Armchair generals unite!

Civilization V will suck your present life into the past