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Endless Don

The Roxie celebrates the roller-coaster career of an erstwhile Hollywood hunk

Lost and found

A man with a dream (and 3,000 films) powers the Berkeley Underground Film Society

It’s alive!

The Vortex Room keeps on keepin' on — for now — with the weirdest flicks you'll see all summer

Key of twee

'Once' filmmaker returns with lightweight music-biz fantasy 'Begin Again'

Reel pride

What to see (or skip) as the huge Frameline 38 LGBT film festival takes over the city

Go with a smile

SF screenwriter Sam Hamm remembers 'Batman', 25 years later

Puff piece

Music-manager doc 'Supermensch' doth gush too much

Peculiar thrills

Barbie art, wicker kittens, Harry Who, and jingle bells at DocFest 13

Where evil grows

A small-town hero discovers his dark side in Jim Mickle's pulpy 'Cold in July'

It’s all reel

SUMMER MOVIE PREVIEW: The YA adaptations, heroes and villains, and many explosions of Hollywood's summer. Plus: local film festivals

Stony lonesome

'I Wake Up Dreaming' unspools rare, hard-boiled tales

Home brew

New docs probe where the heart is — and isn't

Needs salt

'Tasting Menu' is a bland addition to the foodie-movie trend

Skin deep

Costume drama Belle takes on race and class in 18th century England


The male protagonists of 'Fading Gigolo' and 'Locke' do what they gotta do

Mr. Nice Guy

'Super Duper Alice Cooper' goes through the looking glass with a rock legend


A long list of short takes on SFIFF 57, in chronological order


Around the world with SF International Film Festival documentaries

Blood lush

Three decades into his career, indie stalwart Jim Jarmusch delivers one of his best films yet

Devil’s advocate

Sokurov's 2011 'Faust' finally makes its local debut

The hunger

Jonathan Glazer on his eerie, haunting alien tale 'Under the Skin'

Brawl opera

It's only April, but The Raid 2 is the action movie of the year

Freedom of expression

A PFA series pays tribute to Czech New Wave filmmaker Jan Nemec


The dark, entrancing 'A Spell to Ward Off the Darkness' and other Crossroads experimental film fest standouts