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Cheap Eats


Kicking it with burgers and the Verms at Thee Parkside

The future’s got spice

Collaborating on life -- and tucking in at Pagarung Thai

Look smart

Catch a fly hamburger at 21st Amendment Brewery

New prohibitions

The brand new can't -- and taking Homeroom home


On the trail of Mississppi barbecue -- and hitting the rotissary at the Castro's Morning Due


Barbecued spaghetti in Mississippi -- and rotisseried chicken at SF's Morning Due Cafe

Kicky kitty

Storming the field -- and tasting the rainbow at Haltun

Junk bonds

Pho 2000 is the new bowl champion

The cat and the hedgehog

A farewell to furry Stoplight -- and wonderful beef pho at Saigon Express

An upside

The 49ers have fizzled; pork jowls at Halu can help

A real SF tweet

Missing chickens -- but plucking up the Old Clam House

Try your luck

Riding the leftover-go-round at Oakland's Ly Luck

Brighter Days

A friend heads for sunnier climes -- and Oakland's LCX


Searching for religion -- and finding Chinese doughnuts at Gum Kuo


Five-fer tacos and waiterperson waffles at Reaction

Tough mustard

From soccer feijoada to Bernal's Avedano's

Do drop in

The catfish hit the floor, but the food was tops at the Bay Leaf

Just pho you

San Tung disappoints, Saigon Pho II delights (at least in the beef department)

Grand re-entrance

Getting reacquainted with -- and diving into lemongrass noodle soup at -- Lotus Garden

A pitch and a swing

Cinema-related panic is nothing a bowl of spicy ramen can't fix

Peeping tomato

Checking out the neighbors' -- and ducking into Thai Time

Occupy Yolkland

Breaking it gently at Montclair Egg Shop

Drive, she said

Changing lanes -- and zooming toward sustainable sushi at Tataki South

Parking it

Spinning many wheels -- and finding sustenance at the Alameda branch of Burma Superstar