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9 innings, 20 years

Our longtime Cheap Eats correspondent makes the switch -- here's L.E. Leone's first Guardian sports column

Sink and swim

Getting good with yourself -- and diving into My Father's Kitchen

Punting for Peru

Faraway loves, a Cajun squeezebox, and huevos rancheros at Olivia's

Up the game

Dodging death and seeking BBQ on Mission Street

Bowled over

Move over New Orleans -- Front Porch has the best shrimp and grits

Ride ’em

Real cowboys, tons of bees, and Thai House 530


Passing on the joys of life -- including Poc-Chuc

Quarterback sack

The huge plates at Celia's in San Rafael require a robust offense

Going down

Pozole meets clay pot

Street music

Sounds of silence -- and local rock


Surfing the Tartine line, digging into Downton Abbey

Seasonal drift

"Meteorillogically, I had never seen anything like it."

Fresh ranch

Poetry is a sport. A delicious sport.

Boy Howdy

Rollin out the red carpet in Hollywood, and eating it up at Sabina's Restaurant


Elliptical, if only by intention

Sattdown strike

It's hard to find good help these days 

Popping up

Air dodgeball -- and whiffing with KPOP

Lots going on

le.chicken.farmer@gmail.comCHEAP EATS Oh the horror!Oh the hilarity!Oh the black bean and chicken chili, spaghetti and meatballs!No, it wouldn't look good, journalismically, for me to review Hedgehog's second li'l movie myself, being after all her...

Don’t take the knee

Never give up, or order the lunch special

Avast ye

Hopefully, this week your craving is for Moby Dick and sports stories


Nursing wounds -- and diving into Sugoi Sushi

Serendipity, with saba

Everything comes together at Tokyo Teriyaki

Roll with it

Secret bahn mi joys (and pugilistas) at Kim's Cafe

Oh, the cutlery

Sharp words -- and some fantastic kimchi fried rice at Spoon