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Volume 48 Number 21

Volume 48 Number 21 Flip-through Edition

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Goldies 2014 Music: The Seshen

Call it what you will — the fresh, soulful sound of The Seshen demands to be heard

Up valley

An overnight visit to St. Helena yields great eats (and killer English muffins).

Goldies 2014 Comedy: Sean Keane

Skewering the absurdities that inconvenience our daily lives

Goldies 2014 Lifetime Achievement: Sara Shelton Mann

An iconoclast who has performed to great acclaim and inspired others for decades

Goldies 2014 Performance: SALTA

Unique performance group driven by collaboration and a creative sense of place

Goldies 2014 Dance: RAWdance

"Abstract" choreography meets audience engagement

Goldies 2014 Visual Art: Michelle Ramin

Up from Etsy, and beyond the masks we paint with social media

Goldies 2014 Music: DJ NEBAKANEZA

Blasting past dubstep, setting controls for the heart of the bass

Goldies 2014 Film: Malic Amalya

A filmmaker who strives for both academic and artistic excellence

Goldies 2014


Goldies 2014 Dance/Film: San Francisco Dance Film Festival

After starting small, the ambitious festival had a banner 2013 (with even bigger plans for the future)

Goldies 2014 Performance/Music: Brontez Purnell

"I romanticize the outsider. There's always going to be this running theme of me versus the world."

Guardian investigation honored

Bay Guardian News Editor Rebecca Bowe and Staff Writer Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez are being honored by the Society of Professional Journalists of Northern California with a...

Facebook expands gender choices

Facebook is binary no more.The social media company announced via its Facebook Diversity page that profiles will now allow for a custom gender choice, a...

Who influenced the Google-bus policy?

On SFBG.com last week, we published a list of the attendees (and corporate affiliations) who were recorded as having attended stakeholder meetings with the...

Backlash mars annual tech awards

The Crunchies are a San Francisco-based dog and pony show for the tech industry, hosted by technology business news site Tech Crunch. But amid...

Two views of sex work

As panel explores ways to "discourage demand" for prostitution, sex workers call for a more nuanced understanding of their profession

Suspension reform isn’t so simple

OPINION I wish I could get behind the current campaign to limit public school suspensions ("Suspending judgment, 12/3/13).The intent is honorable. Any additional attention...

The Goldies: What we’re fighting for

EDITORIAL If you want to understand what we at the Bay Guardian and activists from the broader progressive movement mean when we say that...

The price of growth

Development is booming in the eastern neighborhoods, but the money isn't there to cover the infrastructure needed to serve it

Introducing BayLeaks

New encrypted site allows sources to anonymously deliver sensitive documents to the Guardian