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Volume 48 Number 16

Volume 48 Number 16 Flip-through Edition

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The secret life of Sylvia Fein

The 94-year-old painter comes to terms with her surreality in a new retrospective

Art-ic blast

Dispatches from live performance in frigid New York

“V” for victory

TABLEHOPPING: New openings brought to you by the letter "V" — plus nifty North Beach spots for lunch and Sunday dinner.

Slice of local soul

Bay Area artists pay tribute to Sly and the Family Stone

Soft eyes

Chip Lord unearths unexpected details in urban landscapes

Bee true

The documentaries of Berlin and Beyond

In ‘tuni

Martuni's still serves 'em stiff. Plus: Avalon Emerson, QBERT, SF Album Project, Levon Vincent, Disco Daddy, Stimming, more parties

The good foot

The FRESH Festival and Liss Fain Dance welcome 2014 with exciting new works

On the waterfront

Initiative would give voters a say on big waterfront projects that violate zoning standards

Left turn?

Civil rights attorney Dan Siegel launches Oakland mayoral campaign

FCC chair gets an earful in Oakland

On Jan. 9, the newly appointed chair of the Federal Communications Commission, Tom Wheeler, visited Oakland's Preservation Park for a town hall meeting.It was...

New arts high school would cost $240 million

Art advocates have tried to move the Ruth Asawa School of the Arts high school to its new home on Van Ness street since...

Lies, damned lies, and statistics

When is a public opinion poll a valid representation of how people feel? That turns out to be a tricky and ever-evolving question, particularly...

Safety Scramble

joe@sfbg.comOn New Year's Eve, six-year-old Sofia Liu was struck and killed when a driver using the Uber rideshare app allegedly failed to yield to...

End poverty and create wealth with public banks

 By Ken Walden OPINION How would you like to increase your spending power by 10 times (or more), relieve student debt by more than...

Confronting the speculators

Tenant activists spotlight serial evictors in online rogues gallery

What “Google bus” really means

EDITORIAL In recent years, "Google bus" has become a term that encompasses more than just the shuttles that one corporation uses to transport its...