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Volume 47 Number 25

Volume 47 Number 25 Flip-through Edition

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George F. Walker's caustic comedy 'Dead Metaphor' brings it all back home

Wartime fashion

caitlin@sfbg.comSTREET SEEN The St. Patrick's Day drunk bus cruising down Howard Street last Saturday didn't quite know what to make of the group striking...

Babetown, population 2403

Suicide Girls pay us a call, third coffee table book in tow

Name droppers

When you're golden -- Golden Grrrrls -- monikers carry weight

Back to life?

Aging titles strategize to attract new interest

Home for brews

DIY suds culture thrives at Brewlab

Emotions in motion

Climb aboard Michel Gondry's high-school drama 'The We and the I'

The devil’s business

Decadence meets violence in youth-culture extravaganzas 'The Manson Family' and 'Spring Breakers'

Spring’s best fairs and festivals

Our picks for top food, fragrance, and general outdoor revelry this season

Mathematical certainty

A triumphant collaboration highlights ODC's 42nd season

Spring into arts

Guardian writers select the season's most-anticipated performances, exhibits, film events, and more

The badass league

Rookies are welcome at the SF Women's Flag Football League

The real CPMC story

Unsung heroes and how it all went down

Who gets hit by Muni switchbacks?

It's mostly low-income and outer neighborhoods

Editor’s Notes

We were right about the Iraq war and they were wrong. But have we learned a thing?

Airbnb isn’t sharing

Visitors to San Francisco aren't paying the required hotel tax on "shared housing."