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Volume 47 Number 23

Sink and swim

Getting good with yourself -- and diving into My Father's Kitchen

It’s Pony Time!

Seattle's Pony Time just wants to have fun -- LA punks the Bronx, and Dallas gospel-funk act the Relatives will melt faces. Plus: Rank/Xerox at El Rio!

Eats everything

The Blob digs into Duarte's Tavern, Kitchen Story, and Limon Rotisserie. Plus: Talbot Cafe's cute school lunches

Who am I?

Choreographer Faye Driscoll talks 'You're Me'

Trip history

Goings and comings back: 222 Hyde closes, SF Eagle returns. plus: Stacey Hotwaxx Hale, Delhi 2 Dublin, Paris is Burning, more parties

The Nonconformist

'And God Created Jean-Louis Trintignant' celebrates a legendary career


'The Singularity' explores the ever-shrinking differences between computers and humans

Do want

New York electronic artist Autre Ne Veut chips away at layers of R&B harmonies and futuristic free jazz

Volume 47 Number 23 Flip-through Edition

March 6, 2013
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Girl gang

Use March to check in with women who do thangs — our top Women's Month art, politics, and tech tutorial picks are right here


Would a stripper license ruin my look? Plus, your week in sex events

Information, please

The Bay Area leads the revolution in information sharing. So why is it still so hard to get basic public records in San Francisco?

Sunshine superheroes

Three champions in the fight for open government

Editor’s notes

It's the Information Age -- so why do our public officials hoard data?

Compromised position

Mayor Lee's waffling on big issues is hurting the city's ability to cut the best deals for the public