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Volume 47 Number 20

When bankers lie

San Francisco investigates LIBOR fraud and its possible impact on city finances

Volume 47 Number 20 Flip-through Edition

February 13, 2013
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Missing person

'Se Llama Cristina' offers a sentimental story beneath a gritty exterior

No talking

Vintage stars shine at Silent Winter

Heat of the moment

Local retrospectives spotlight Japan's innovative Art Theater Guild

Inspiration is bliss

Anthony Rizzi's glorious mash-up touches down at Kunst-Stoff Arts

Bowled over

Move over New Orleans -- Front Porch has the best shrimp and grits

Latin highs

A new chef livens up beloved Italian tradition Oliveto, and sexy Gitane intensifies its regional Spanish focus

On the Rise: The Seshen

Erykah Badu, Little Dragon, and Beach House meet-cute and make jazzy, passionate pop music together

On the Rise: Space Ghost

Space Ghost's textured, sample-based electronic compositions might sound like fat rain drops dribbling over tight beats, as is the case with "SD", or like...

On the Rise: Wax Idols

"Let's turn down the static world/listen to the sound of a void."

On the Rise: Kowloon Walled City

Just because it's heavy, doesn't make it metal

On the Rise: The She’s

I had a seemingly innocuous query for all-teenage, all-girl sunny rock'n'roll quartet, the She's: what've you got in store for 2013? The band's answer...

On the Rise: A-1

"It can get heady at times but I try to keep it light."

On the Rise: Warm Soda

Sugary and syrupy, with fizzy pop hooks and pump-up drum hits

On the Rise: Trails and Ways

"You say bossa nova dream pop, I say Brazilian shoegaze."

On the Rise: Chippy Nonstop

"Next LVL club bangers and sultry club grind jams"

On the Rise: Holly Herndon

Hushed, layered vocals trailing off into an unseen world

Bands on the Rise 2013

February 12, 2013

Teen surf pop, glam garage, Mission hip-hop, Brazilian shoegaze ... say hello to the vibrant new class of movers and shakers in the Bay Area's diverse music scene

Union divisions

SEIU Local 1021 fights with employers — and its own employees — over salary and benefit cuts

Time out by the Bay

The city should huddle to better examine the full-court press to land a mega-entertainment complex on the waterfront

Editor’s notes

While some hustle to afford a closet to sleep in, many pricey SF pads remain empty