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Volume 47 Number 19

Milk’s real legacy

Forty years later, people are still telling Harvey he's too "divisive."

My campy Valentine

Fall in love with vampires, acid, severed hands, and interplanetary war at the Vortex Room

Six pack

Short takes on IndieFest standouts

Muppets, manholes, and mayhem

Local filmmakers screen eyepopping shorts at IndieFest

Volume 47 Number 19 Flip-through Edition

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Buy me love

Locally-made gifts for your boo (or you)

Can Yan noodle?

Martin Yan's M.Y. China and the upscale Hakkasan add to the Chinese scene

Out of the Batcloset

"Batman on Robin" group art show unleashes Dynamic Duo's unspoken desire

Out of place

Evictions are driving long-time renters out of their homes -- and out of SF. Here are the stories of several people being evicted

Ride ’em

Real cowboys, tons of bees, and Thai House 530

Something old, something new

Eckert and Simonse deliver uneven 'Shared Space Six'

Weird tales

Filmmaker Don Coscarelli on Elvis, Bigfoot, and 'John Dies at the End'

West Memphis blues

'West of Memphis' asks some long-overdue questions of a notorious case

Editor’s notes

Sorry we're not sorry, TIC owners -- the law applies to you, too

Freak show

The Residents talk eyeball masks, $100,000 box sets, and their 40 anniversary tour. Meanwhile, Beak> gets weird(er)