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Volume 47 Number 16

Going down

Pozole meets clay pot

Banchan, ramen, and squid innards

Intriguing Asian hotspots Muguboka, Ramen Shop, and Roku arouse the senses

Miss Honey

Nightlife: Honey Mahogany races, Icee Hot turns three, Eskmo, Justin Martin, Andy Stott, more parties

Damnation investigation

A new doc goes to hell and back

Hardly strictly British

Classics, premieres, and a 2013 Oscar nominee at the Mostly British Film Festival

New steps

CounterPULSE tries out some fresh moves with its Queer Series of revealing duets

Nero worship

The original 'Django' rides again at the Castro

Volume 47 Number 16 Flip-through Edition

January 16, 2013
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Denim legends and stained glass socks

Japan blows your mind, via the family-run boutique Cotton Sheep

Bungle in the jungle

A vaunted New Age event creates ugly recriminations

Spies on the corner

San Franciscans are in the dark about the city's plans for surveillance streetlights

Sacred space

On its 30th anniversary, SFJazz gambles on a 700-seat, $63 million concert hall and HQ. Can it re-energize a San Francisco scene?

No Oscar for the guv’s budget

Liked Les Miz? There's another good cry to be had looking at Jerry Brown's numbers

Editor’s notes

Think of it as a managerial tool: the guy who runs public housing should live in it