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Volume 47 Number 10

Boy Howdy

Rollin out the red carpet in Hollywood, and eating it up at Sabina's Restaurant

Dirty jokes

'Honk If You're Horny' brings retro porn to the YBCA

Free the free

San Francisco icon Xara Thustra looks back at 15 years of underground art

Guns in Bayview

Local activists differ on SF gun control ordinances that are now under fire by the NRA

Volume 47 Number 10 Flip-through Edition

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Comfort, au courant

Hearty, familiar contemporary fare at new spots Jamber and Company

London diary

Cruising to the end of story, and Forced Entertainment's 'The Coming Storm'

Le grand career

A delightful series shines a new spotlight on French comedian Pierre Étaix

Icy hot looks

Get fierce with winter fashion -- club-ready stunners and wet weather must-haves from local stores

father and law

Make time for sensitive indie drama 'In the Family'

Sing the body

'Clas/sick Hip Hop' performers defy gravity, inspire awe

Thrill ride

Wooden Shjips and Barn Owl celebrate Thrill Jockey's 20th, Eliyahu Sills' reed flute record, the Babies and Antibalas return

10 winter essentials

Stay haute with our picks for braving the cold

A cab driver’s lament

Regulatory framework is to blame for a crappy cab system -- and companies that dodge safety guidelines aren't helping

Vote yes on fresh school meals

When we deny kids nutrition, we deny them a future

Immigrants — or refugees?

Latin Dish: Words matter, and we're using the wrong one


The city's eviction of HANC's recycling center could harm local businesses along with the gardeners and recyclers

Editor’s notes

We've got to make the push to public power if we care about our environment's future


A new wave of cyber-horror drag hits club stages. Plus: Gigamesh, Disquiet Night, Accidental Bear, Tormenta Tropical, more nightlife