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Volume 47 Number 08

Hail to the Chief

Halo 4 gives the fans what they want, and then some

Volume 47 Number 8 Flip-through Edition

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Dirt-cheap local gifts, event listings, and a poop log: Happy holidays from your friends at the Guardian

Likes the name

San Franpsycho and Mill get the Street Seen once-over

Gabba gabba buy

What to buy your headphone-obsessed loved one? Our picks, from boxed sets to lovely local scores

Beating the poop log

My family adopts an ancient Catalonian tradition

The reason for the season

No, not Jesus. Tips on holiday volunteering and Bay Area gifts that give back

Under $10 gift guide: Under the mistletoe

Don't go overboard with your partner this holiday season. Pick them up a simple present that's goofy, sexy, or sweet — but save the big bucks for a special date or trip out of town.

Under $10 gift guide: Parent wrap

Let's be real: your ma's and pa's will like just about anything you box up and send their way this year. But that's not to say you shouldn't put a little effort in. Hit up these local businesses and they'll walk with something fab.

Under $10 gift guide: Neighborly love

We call it purposeful goodwill: buttering up that cranky elder downstairs with a well-thought-out something around the holidays. Maybe next time you throw a rager, your neighbor will call you before the cops?

Under $10 gift guide: Thank you for being a friend

Presents for your best bud don't have to be major. Give them something to make the bike rides you share brighter or beermaking burlier. And when in doubt: bear socks.

That’s a wrap

Gift ideas for your favorite film fan

Creating our own traditions

HOLIDAY GUIDE: A guide to the holidays for queer and sex-positive families

Run over by a reindeer

HOLIDAY GUIDE: Fill your season with the best bets for cupcake-making, candle-lighting, solstice reflection, and local retail

9 bottles (and some cherries) under $20

HOLIDAY GUIDE: A liquor store manager tells the best deals in booze for the house party circuit

A hello to arms

Who, exactly, is the target audience for Red Dawn?


An interview with Obama's DJ

No satisfaction

Despite dazzling dancing, a collaborative program fails to impress

Sattdown strike

It's hard to find good help these days 

Sea change

Sinking our hooks into new chefs, new waves at Georges and Weird Fish

The master

'Hitchcock' goes behind the scenes of Hollywood history

A developer’s wet dream

Wiener offers far-reaching proposals to amend environmental-review laws

Aggressive Warriors

Waterfront basketball and concert arena moving quickly despite neighborhood concerns

A crisis of will

Brutality in Gaza could be minimized with a simple budget equation