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Volume 47 Number 07

Popping up

Air dodgeball -- and whiffing with KPOP

Sweet rollin’

The Bay's best new (and classic) bagels and doughnuts

Volume 47 Number 7 Flip-through Edition

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Our annual Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Awards celebrate local artists, filmmakers, musicians, and other essential cultural movers and shakers

GOLDIES 2012 LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT: Frank Shawl and Victor Anderson, Shawl-Anderson Dance Center

GOLDIES John Cage and Merce Cunningham, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, and Fayard and Harold Nicholas are among the dance world's most famous couples....

GOLDIES 2012: PianoFight

A multi-faceted, multi-armed organization of sketch comedy, original drama, new play festivals, and comedy-horror-ballet about ducks

GOLDIES 2012: Jamie Meltzer

GOLDIES He may be a filmmaker, but the inspiration for Jamie Meltzer's first feature-length documentary came while he was flipping through the bins at...

GOLDIES 2012: Joe Landini and the Garage

GOLDIES Choreographer, impresario, and arts advocate Joe Landini likes to say yes. "It's my philosophy to start that way," the founder and artistic director...

GOLDIES 2012: 5kinandbone5

"Post-corporeal" electronic tunes to soundtrack your cyborg sex session

GOLDIES 2012: Mica Sigourney

Drag-rooted performance works that question the egotism of the artist and the role of the audience

GOLDIES 2012: Brett Amory

A painter who finds inspiration in local disconnect and temporal space


Salty sea-referencing lyrics; grungy, fuzzed out guitar-work; and seriously tripped-out music videos

GOLDIES 2012: Anna Ishida

A a chameleon-like quality and versatile vocals that make her so compelling to watch on stage.

GOLDIES 2012: The Mallard

The band makes "inside-out-echo-laser-garage-psych-rock."

Bottom confronts top

Walmart workers and their allies organize a movement that could ripple through the retail industry

Shit happened

A short take on Recology's black bin blues -- plus, a group mounting a crusade against pro sports homophobia

Protest — and run for office

The Occupy movement is a much-needed counterpoint to today's elected "progressives"

Sorting out a strange election

What the Nov. 6 results mean -- and don't mean

District surprises

Big-money efforts could unseat Olague -- but not Mar

Editor’s notes

Dems Gone Wild in Sacramento? We wish. 

The Latin dish

Politics con salsa