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Volume 46 Number 51

Oh, the cutlery

Sharp words -- and some fantastic kimchi fried rice at Spoon

Pop love

Celebrating its 20th anniversary, chickfactor throws parties for music nerds

Beyond the curtain

Karen Kilimnik challenges ballet archetypes in 'Dance Rehearsal'

Cocktail harvest

Appetite: Goose and Gander and The Thomas bring cocktail culture to Wine Country

Life boat

September 19, 2012

Sheila Callaghan and foolsFURY set an existential course over shallow waters in 'Port Out, Starboard Home'

Volume 46 Number 51 Flip-through Edition

September 19, 2012
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Roseanne vs. mind control

Everyone's favorite sitcom queen may have been high when she decided to run for president -- and she's not apologizing for it


This week's movies: gurus, beauty queens, beat cops, and 3D super cops

Who’s a sex trafficker?

Under Proposition 35, you'd be surprised

Beyond the video

Supervisors will weigh Mirkarimi's arm-grab against larger, precedent-setting issues

Full steamy ahead

Nightlife: Armory Club opens, Mother Records flies, Icee Hot label launches, Secret Summer, Miracles Club, more parties

Torture, for real

Giants fans, watching a close game ≠ the awful things that prisoners go through here in the United States

Locking down reforms

San Francisco is a model for counties wrestling with Realignment -- but more challenges and opportunities remain

Ending the mayor’s commission monopoly

We need healthy debate on the Recreation and Parks Comission to ensure the future of our play space

Where to get laid

....and love and learn and share during Folsom Street Fair week

Convict clinicians

September 18, 2012

How employing inmates and ingenuity can help the prison system really be about rehabilitation

1,2,3, kinky

SEX ISSUE: New guide to BDSM community is a great primer for SF sex's high season

An ‘A’ in XXX

SEX ISSUE: Latex ballers, leather mamas, retro porn posters, erotic art, sex-positive parenting -- our local sex turn-ons in 2012