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Volume 46 Number 50

Volume 46 Number 50 Flip-through Edition

September 12, 2012
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Words and deeds

Mayor Lee and his new trustee say they support City College -- but they aren't helping the district raise money

Symptom of the universe

Damon Packard on 'Foxfur' and the end of the world

Dream of the ’90s

Antwon and Pictureplane flip inspiration from another decade

A studied approach

Donald Abrams started examining cannabis at SF General in 1992 -- and thinks the cure to Prohibition lies elsewhere

Dark and stormy

A real-life ex inspires Ira Sachs' wrenching drama 'Keep the Lights On'

Got movie fever?

See these docs this week

All in the game

A one-percenter fumbles for his ill-gotten gains in Arbitrage

Call Miss Jenkins

Go into your purse, baby: This week, Alton Miller, Lost Cat, BYOQ, and Detroit deepness are worth it

Eclectic electric

'Constants & Variables' and a rewarding evening of dance

Nailed it

Southpaw BBQ is more than a pinch-hitter

Pi in the sky, fig leaf optional

The annual San Francisco Fringe Festival embraces humanity again

CEQA: We Need It

The right of average citizens to protect their environment may be at stake

Still soaring

The Icarus Project celebrates a decade of redefining mental health

The unregulated cabs

Community taxi apps seem like a good idea -- but they're going to put people out of work 

Defending Richard Aoki — and the movement

A community activist gets labeled as an informant, but where's the evidence?

Fall Beer and Wine Events

Wet your whistle at these toast-worthy upcoming occasions -- and don't forget the mead!

You’re drinking Air

BEER + WINE ISSUE: Adult beverages come full circle with new "sparkling alcohol water"

Fall wine, uncorked

BEER + WINE ISSUE: A quick tour of the local terroir to catch you up

Another IPA

BEER + WINE ISSUE: Confessions of a strong beer addict

Talk that tart to me

September 11, 2012

BEER + WINE ISSUE: The philosophy of sour beer, by Russian River Brewing's Vinnie Cilurzo

East Bay buzz

BEER + WINE ISSUE: A self-guided bike tour to up your brew IQ

Beer for dinner

BEER + WINE ISSUE Two new restaurants foreground tasty brews, and SF's unique new cider bar tickles taste buds