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Volume 46 Number 49

East Bay buzz

BEER + WINE ISSUE: A self-guided bike tour to up your brew IQ

Defending Richard Aoki — and the movement

September 7, 2012
By Steve Woo and Alex T. TomOPINION In a new book, Bay Area journalist Seth Rosenfeld publicly names longtime Asian American leftist Richard Aoki...

Koi hooey

The High Halushki of Hyperbole is not amused.

The park bond battle

Why environmentalists and neighborhood groups are opposing more money for parks 

Pop thrills

A romp through this year's bumper crop of trash lit

Tasty reads

Blue Bottle, SPQR, Foraged Flavor....: Fresh new cookbooks to spice up your repertoire

Volume 46 Number 49 Flip-through Edition

September 5, 2012
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Pagoda madness

A native son counters the myths of Chinatown in a new book


The New Southern restaurant whistles, but doesn't quite sing

More than ink

Mission gangs and tattoos are the stuff of a dynamic experiment in theater activism, as Paul S. Flores' Placas moves from page to stage

The darn thing’s got wings

Nightlife: Eagle still gay, New Wave City turns 20, SF Electronic Music Fest blast through town, more

Goodbye to romance

Raunchy 'Bachelorette' is a funny but flawed wedding comedy

False idol

A filmmaker impersonates a guru to distasteful ends in Kumaré

Evil genius

Mark Mothersbaugh and Devo aim to infect commercialism from within

Beyond the Pink

1980s teen movie star Molly Ringwald finds new success as an acclaimed author -- but can she still put lipstick on with her cleavage? 

PR problems

Some neighbors are bummed that a new pot club is coming to Mission Street, but does their reasoning make sense?

The latest insurance scam

Mercury Insurance wants to buy your vote again — this time, with an unusual ally

Approve clean power SF

The plan's got flaws, but it's all we've got