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Volume 46 Number 42

Volume 46 Number 42 Flip-through Edition

July 18, 2012
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Spark that joint, Barry

Another closed dispensary, another sexist pot movie -- at least we've got an Obama protest to look forward to

Double visions

Inspired pairings: a recent spate of star chef collabs yielded gorgeous dishes

Trust the police?

Relations between the cops and certain communities have been strained over the last year

Gated communities of hate

When did we start believing that only certain people deserve to be out in public?

Shutting down Sunshine

Board of Supervisors drags on appointing disabled person to task force, leaving it in political limbo

Batter up

Baseball, hot dogs, fried pierogi .... and Laotian treats at Ventiane Cafe

City College fights back

Were CCSF budget decisions irresponsible, or principled resistance to the downsizing of California's community colleges?

By the horns

Nightlife: Voices from the Lake, Chuck Hampton, Blaktroniks, Blow Up reunion, Nitin, more -- too many? Nah -- parties 

Do not disturb

Todd Solondz's latest, the slight 'Dark Horse,' is not his greatest

Personal detectives

Filmmakers chart their family histories (and mysteries) at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival

Melody machers

SF Jewish Film Festival music docs examine violin wunderkinds, Orthodox hip-hop artists, and Ben Lee

They want to believe

Grass Widow looked to the cosmos — and inward to San Francisco — for inspiration on its new record Internal Logic

Lunch hour

July 17, 2012

A new event suggests you step away from the desk and dance

Retro future

Danish music producer Tomas Barfod moves forward without escaping his past

Asylum seekers

'Marat/Sade' channels revolutionary yearnings and glorious excess from 1789 to 2012


Our 38th annual survey of Northern California naked fun in the sun