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Volume 46 Number 30

Check it out! With John C. Reilly

A brief tour of the bearish actor's magical musical moments before his band hits town

Soul to solo

Movement melds with music in David Zambrano's Soul Project

A dog’s life

TheatreWorks revives Of Mice and Men for a new era of desperation and solidarity

The (latest) battle of KPFA

Fight over content, money erupts into recall campaign

For your further consideration

Short takes on SFIFF 2012, week two

Address of the beast

Nightlife: Stealth clubbing, Claude Young, Greg Wilson, Public Access. Plus: Juanita More's chicken!

Something to chew on

Author and food activist Bryant Terry breaks the vegan stereotype

Feathers flew

Winging it right at the Pizza Place on Noriega

All together now

Communal dining spirit enlivens new spots: Mission Bowling Club, Mozzeria, Castagna, and Claudine

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Tiger woods

A lone tracker probes a troubled wilderness in The Hunter

Guardian endorsements for June 5 election

Sure, the primaries are a joke -- but your vote still matters. Our take on the trash wars, the DCCC race, and more local elections

Destination unknown

Catching up with San Francisco's underground BART musicians

Utopia, mon amour

Arthur Tress, Bucky Fuller, and Harry Hay exhibits offer engagement and transcendence

We had a party

Hey feds! Here's the shots from our 420 party, in case your spy cams didn't work so good