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Volume 46 Number 12

December 21-27, 2011

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On nostalgia

YEAR IN FILM: You've finally made a Muppet out of me

10 places to eat and drink on Christmas Day

From luxe cocktails with a view to garlic noodles on the cheap -- restaurants that keep doors open for wandering pilgrims and Scrooge alike

Occupying the future

Forum raises the question of what's next for Occupy and the audience offers myriad answers

Last-minute gift guide

You don't have to slide down that chimney empty handed!

Hail, Mary

Tis the season for a super-queeny, super-juicy nightlife gossip column. Plus: DJ Ken Vulsion, I Love Cochina Tonga's!, more

The reluctant soloist

Away from his Australia-based band Electric Jellyfish, Michael Beach finds solace in solitude.

Are we green yet?

San Francisco's ambitious clean-power program moves toward approval

The unlikely sheriff

Michael Hennessy has battled through controversies and cop culture to create the most progressive Sheriff's Department in the nation

Top flight

YEAR IN DANCE 2011: Dancers excelled with exciting new work (and vintage classics), and redefined the concept of "performance space"

Toasts with the most

Affordable champagnes, ciders, and wines for the season that will help you raise your glass -- without lowering your standards

Tough mustard

From soccer feijoada to Bernal's Avedano's

The unbearable triteness of being

Obnoxious I Melt With You is not destined for any top 10 lists


YEAR IN VISUAL ART: Can the various democratizations of 2011 art trickle up?

Curtain calls

YEAR IN THEATER 2011: Memorable food fights, biggest dicks, inscrutable triumvirates, George Clooney jumps ... It's the return of the Upstage/Downstage Awards

The bottom of the top

YEAR IN GAMER 2011: It's only when you approach the bottom half of a video game critic's top 10 that the real debate begins

The new (open) world order

YEAR IN GAMER 2011: Red Dead Redemption dominated, but Elder Scrolls vs. Skyrim dazzled and Mineshaft's open world was wondrous

Small town values

HERBWISE: Fairfax's only dispensary is on its way out. A small town politician reacts to the news

The right way to rebuild CPMC

Presenting the community benefits agreement

Making CleanPowerSF work

The city's clean power plan is going to save you money

Editor’s notes

Havel, Kim Jong-Il, and Hitchens all passed last week, but it was Warren Hellman's death that affected us the most