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Volume 46 Number 10

December 7-13, 2011

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Cut + Paste

BOOKS ISSUE: Zine culture survives and thrives, beyond the Web

Cult wonder

BOOKS ISSUE: Gender-hopping protagonist Vanessa Michael Munroe is back in thriller The Innocent

Shelf life

BOOKS ISSUE: Ourshelves turns over a new leaf for broke bookworms

Cruel revolution

BOOKS ISSUE: A Thousand Lives' harrowing, heartfelt Jonestown journey

Occupy hip-hop

BOOKS ISSUE: Three new lit releases by hip-hop greats put forth visions of change

Get read!

BOOKS ISSUE: 25 books from 2011 to check out

Just pho you

San Tung disappoints, Saigon Pho II delights (at least in the beef department)

Hey, hey, Hayes

New Valley treats: Taste, Dobbs Ferry, Two Sisters, Proxy, Gourmet and More, and more

State of the occupations

Occupy acts against foreclosure and college cuts; OccupySF holds its ground; and writers discuss the movement's future

Michael Goldstein, 1953-2011

Longtime activist sought to rally people around a progressive agenda for San Francisco

Homes for the 99 percent

Fed up with foreclosures and evictions, the Occupy SF Housing coalition fights back

Stop downtown’s attack on RCV


Voters in the runoffs were overwhelmingly whiter, older and more conservative than the city as a whole


You grow, girl?

BOOKS ISSUE: From Blair Witch to blazing weed -- Heather Donahue's book takes on the weed community

The problem with the tax initiative

Governor Brown's tax plan doesn't do justice to California's voters

Editor’s notes

Our biggest employer is not in the private sector