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Volume 46 Number 07

Volume 46 Number 7 Flip-through Edition

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I don’t want to grow up

Punk-poppin' in The Other F Word

Thoughtful hooligans

The World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation speaks to its white-flagged constituency

Editor’s notes

Occupy demands for concrete change -- not just Justin Herman Plaza

XX hardcore

Female punks step out From the Back of the Room in new doc

Some joy in Mudville

HERBWISE: Amid eviction and betrayal, the medical marijuana set still finds cause to celebrate


Cass McCombs, The Musical Art Quintet, Ayshay, Atlas Sound, Wax Idols — what we're listening to right now.

Bling and the kingdom

"Maharaja" at the Asian Art Museum and "The Matter Within" at YBCA focus on India's past and present

Occupy 101

Protest Wall Street -- but don't forget about that tech bastion of inequality to the south

Ed Lee’s challenges

Five steps the recently re-elected mayor could take to honor the office

Visual wizard

Talking special effects with Bay Area legend Phil Tippett

Let’s get lost

Skateboarding doc Dragonslayer coasts to a pretty picture of wasted youth

Blue Hawaii

A downbeat George Clooney shines in Alexander Payne's wry, restrained Descendants

Please put out

Smokin'! (or not) with Portable/Bodycode, Jonah Sharp, John Acquaviva, Lazer Sword, and more

Peeping tomato

Checking out the neighbors' -- and ducking into Thai Time

Contemplating Appetite

Food writer Virginia Miller introduces her new weekly column in the Guardian -- and gives us her favorite restaurant openings of the year

Her way

Krissy Keefer of Dance Brigade celebrates 35 years of rabble-rousing and dance-making

Rank complaints

Calls to repeal ranked-choice voting come from its regular downtown-allied critics — but progressives also have concerns

State of the occupations

Our weekly update on the Occupy movement

The great divide

The rich and powerful went for Mayor Ed Lee. Now what happens to the rest of us?